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It doesn’t take much to change the world. In fact, all it takes is 0.7%. You may not even notice it’s gone, but the impact it could have on the world is mind blowing.

For just 0.7%, we can build a world where the basic human essentials are available to everyone. And still have 99.3% left in our pockets. Who’d have thought changing the world would be this easy?

Why 0.7%? It's an official United Nations target that dates back to 1970. The premise was simple … every year, western governments give 0.7% of their wealth to developing countries to put an end to extreme poverty and boost economic growth.

Give 0.7% of your day by watching the video below.

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For 0.7% we can build a fairer world where basic human essentials are available to everyone.

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Why aid is actually working.

Why aid is actually working.


John Green discusses the three myths at the center of Bill and Melinda Gates's 2013 annual letter.

John Green

Together we want to help the world see and believe in a better future.

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